League City is located on two North American Migratory Flyways—the Central and Mississippi Flyways—making it a top migration hotspot with over 1.3 million birds counted during peak periods. But due to a variety of bird-friendly habitats, birding in League City is fantastic at any time of year. Year-round residents include beautiful species like Cooper’s hawk, great blue heron, yellow-crowned night heron, snowy egret, and roseate spoonbill.

A map showing the North American flyways


Spring migration occurs between March and May, with late April being prime time for spotting migrating birds. These visitors travel from Central and South America—stopping in League City to rest and refuel—before completing their journeys.


Fall migration starts for some species as early as July and lasts through November. Many of these species overwinter in League City, meaning this is their final stop for fall migration. They will remain here until they leave for the spring.