Bay Area Houston Birding Guide

This guide shares all the best places to bird in Bay Area Houston and offers localized tips to help birders get the most out of their experience. Download your birding guide for free or pick up a free hard copy at hotels throughout the Bay Area.


The Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail 

The Clear Lake Loop has a total of 18 sites—the most geographically concentrated official birding loop on the Upper Texas Coast. Birders can explore the most sites with the least amount of travel. The map provides the location of each site, along with a short description and what birds you might see.


Browse articles and watch videos to learn more about birding in League City and the Texas Gulf Coast from a local Texas Master Naturalist and Expert Birder. 


Houston Audubon


Armand Bayou Nature Center


Galveston Bay Area Chapter – Texas Master Naturalist

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American Birding Association