Hometown Heroes Park


This park is the hub for most of the City’s recreational programs, and features a rec center with basketball courts, a pool, multiple soccer fields, a playground, and more. New additions are coming soon, including a dog park and a 5k loop with a fitness/obstacle course.


The Hometown Heroes Park Pool can be reserved for special events and private pool parties.

Rentable days:
Saturday: 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday: 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Fee infoFees Damage Deposit
Resident$150/2 Hours$100
Non-Resident$225/ 2 Hours$100


Fast Track: Inflatable pool obstacle course

Only available with Whole Pool Rentals at Hometown Heroes Park Pool.
The fee includes 2 additional lifeguards.

Fee infoFees

Lifeguard info: Includes a total number of guests that will be attending
1-50 Guest = 3 Lifeguards
51-75 Guest = 4 Lifeguards
76-100 Guest = 5 Lifeguards
101-125 Guest = 6 Lifeguards
126-150 Guest = 7 Lifeguards


Pool Pavilion: Max guests is 25

Rentable days: Saturday & Sunday 1-3 p.m. or 3:30-5:30 p.m.

There is a daily pool charge for each swimmer, this will be taken out of your deposit. The remainder of the deposit (if any) will be refunded back.

Fee infoFees Damage Deposit
Resident$25/2 Hours$100
Non-Resident$50/ 2 Hours$100
To make a reservation, please walk-in to Hometown Heroes Park at 1001 East League City Parkway to fill out a reservation form. To check availability, contact Hometown Heroes Park at 281-554-1180.

You must book your reservation at least 12 business days in advance at Hometown Heroes Park.

You can decorate the location however you’d like as long as everything is properly cleaned up afterwards. Except NO glitter, paint, rice, confetti, or anything too small for easy pick up.

You will not be able to enter the pool area any earlier than your designated rental time. The time on your rental contract is the time you have in the pool area. Your rental must be cleaned, and guests exited the pool by the end of your rental time.

It takes up about half of the pool and requires extra staff.

Pavilion rentals are designed for a maximum of 25 guests, if you are planning for more guests than that, you will need to look at private pool rentals. We cannot permit more than 25 guests on the day of the rental.

Any addons/changes MUST be made at least 12 days in advance and made in person at Hometown Heroes Park.

Electricity will not be available at either pool.

Only for private pool rentals. No electricity is available so it must be battery operated and kept at a low volume for safety.

Yes for private pool rentals ONLY. The caterers may not show up earlier than your reserved time to set up.

Nothing larger than a pool noodle in permitted in the pool. Any pool inflatables or floatation devices used as toys may be removed from the pool at the managers discretion. Any flotation devices used by non-swimmers must be Coast Guard approved flotation devices.

Yes for both private pool rentals or pool pavilion rentals. Food and drinks must stay under the pavilion areas. All food and drinks must be cleaned up at the conclusion of